Gejug Lesung, Indonesia’s Beautiful-Traditional-Art-Performance

Indonesia is rich in arts and cultures, which are closely related to the daily life. One of them is the traditional art performance, Gejug Lesung.

Gejug Lesung’s origin is from the agriculture life of Javanese villagers, which at the past time they worked together to celebrate the rice harvest. This tradition is also used to express their gratitude towards God for the gift of abundant rice harvest. This art consists of traditional music, song, and dance.


The pestle (alu) is a tool which made from wood to pound (Gejug), and Lesung is large wooden boat-shaped which used to separate the paddy from the stalk.

The dance that often used for this celebration is Wiwit Dance. Its story is about the beginning of the rice harvest activities, where there are few scenes from the time of planting rice, take a break to play, ward the bird off from the rice, until the time to harvest.



There is another traditional tool that also closely related to the life of villager, its name is Kentongan. Kentongan is made from wood or bamboo, which its function is as communication tool. This is also used by the villager as a music device for traditional art.

Fortunately, we can watch that traditional-art-performance freely at Ratu Boko Palace. It is introduced nicely, because we can watch Gejug Lesung with beautiful panorama as its background. We will be able to know the richness of Javanese culture and feel the Javanese’s simple way of life and full of joy.


*) photo credit: PT. TWC Borobudur, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko


2 thoughts on “Gejug Lesung, Indonesia’s Beautiful-Traditional-Art-Performance

  1. Tulisannya bagus,mba Galuh. Sangat informatif, deskriptif, persuasif sekaligus futuristis (kalau yang terakhir ini aku kurang tahu maksudnya apa).Akhir kata,Lanjutkan!

  2. hahaha.. matursuwun mas beeeeeeeeenn 😀

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